April 14th, 2010

New Year


Thanks everyone for your kind words, gifts and birthday greetings. I'm sorry I am so late to respond. I was away, offline most of the time.

It's the traditional Sinhala and Tamil new year here in Sri Lanka.

And there's an auspicious time to eat and start work in the new year. So I took out a painting and took photos of it. It's the most recently finished piece. I will upload those pics soon :)
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Writer's Block: Turn and face the strain

What is the biggest major life change you've made in the past five years? Do you think it was positive, negative, or neutral?

Five years ago this month I decided to burn my boats and start painting full time. I quit my "job". I was firm on not doing anything else for the next ten years. Other than that, I had no plans, no targets whatsoever. If that doesn't work I can do something else. It wasn't smooth sailing. In the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, so many things, including my own life, were falling apart. Life wasn't easy. By then I had my website/blog up and people who read my posts were the first to know what I was up to. People couldn't come to terms with it if I said I am painting. I had to lie to people in my real life about what I was doing. Sometimes I said I was freelancing and doing report writing, translations etc. But seriously I did very little translations for money, and earned very little.

Almost there

I knew it was going to be a long, tiresome journey. And most probably I'd end up bankrupt. And I surely had my fair share of downtimes.

Positive? Negative? Neutral? I do not wish to judge. It's difficult. It's beautiful. I will not swap places if I am given a chance, that's for sure. I like it here :)